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To deliver our highest professional standards in all aspects of the residential elevator industry so that

YOU can benefit to the maximum capacity.


To realize that customer trust and satisfaction is the foundation of our business and success.


Proudly Canadian, Canada Home Elevator Inc. was brought to life in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia.

We offer a variety of residential elevator services, ranging from sales and installation to maintenance and service.

Our associates are dedicated practitioners in sales, marketing, installation, maintenance and customer service.  Each individual has over 30 years of experience in both the commercial elevator and residential homelift industry, and has served clients from all around the world.  Now, we hope to bring the same level of quality back to Canada, from our home to yours.

Ben Lean has been in the elevator industry for over 33 years, jumping right into the industry after graduating from Mechanical Engineering in 1983.   He has demonstrated strong leadership skills, illustrated by the smooth completion of New Construction Projects of which he was in charge of as part of an internationally renowned Japanese-based elevator company. Ben has managed a number of prestigious projects located in Vancouver, including the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, Shaw Tower and Hotel Shangri-la in Downtown Vancouver, One Harbour Green in Coal Harbour and Concord Pacific Projects in False Creek.


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